Friday, March 1, 2013

Re-framing The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray Part 3: The Blu-ray

So now you have a MKV but you want a Blu-ray, here is what you do. Download these three programs:

uncropMKV ( For changing the resolution of the MKV
tsMuxeR ( For creating the Blu-ray files
ImgBurn ( For burning the Blu-ray

Install all the programs.

1. Run uncropMKV. Right now your MKV file is 1920 x 800 but it needs to be a compliant Blu-ray resolution. uncropMKV with change your file back into an acceptable 1080p Drag your MKV into uncropMKV. It should automatically fill out the important settings but if it doesn't, under avisyth make sure uncropMKV is set to 1920 x 1080.

Check which audio formats you want in the bottom. uncropMKV does not support Dolby True so in this case only select the lossy, legacy Dolby Digital (.ac3). Click on Queue and then Start. This will take a couple of hours to run. The new file should have a -uncrop after it.

2. Run tsMuxeR. Drag your uncrop file into tsMuxeR.

Make sure the FPS is set to 24000/1001 . You can see the DTS + MLP so that is the DTS-HD MA soundtrack. Even through it shows DTS-HD MA, tsmuxer appears not to support any Lossless audio formats at the moment. Same for Dolby True. It is better to create the disc only with regular DTS (.dts) or regular Dolby Digital (.ac3). Under output, click Blu-ray disk and set your output. You can change other settings on the tabs at the top but it is best to leave those alone.

You should get two folders: BDMV and CERTIFICATE. These files will create a simple Blu-ray with no menus, that will play as soon as you place it in your Blu-ray player of choice

3. Run Imgburn. Follow this guide to burn your BR:

Once burned you have your re-frame copy of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray. Enjoy!

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